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Matt and Ryan? From Lord of the Rings Golf?

2021.11.30 02:02 King_of_Krotch Matt and Ryan? From Lord of the Rings Golf?

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2021.11.30 02:02 ForsakenAnybody7991 Best roblox game trailer?

I just wanna know what you guys favorite mine is TDS
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2021.11.30 02:02 icantstoppeeing Noosa

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2021.11.30 02:02 FamiliarMove873 what new CEO of twitter should reply

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2021.11.30 02:02 Matlabguru Top Types Of Assembly Language

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2021.11.30 02:02 ratttttttttttt New to this sub and SWU, how do you all feel about Mark?

Hello everyone, I have wanted to watch SWU for quite some time and have seen links to vids on other subs. Today I watched a few videos on a woman addicted to xanax, a couple addicted to fentanyl, and a man with schizophrenia. I know this question has been asked many times by people of this sub, but how do we feel about Mark and his interviewing style?
Keep in mind, the videos I watched today were in the past few months or so, so Mark has been doing this for a long time now. I love listening to the stories these people tell and their hearts as they come through the screen. However, I am often snapped back to reality with Mark's careless interviewing. I am an almost graduated social work student so I know that I have more knowledge of trauma and resiliency than Mark likely does (not trying to sound cocky I'm sorry!), but even still I was shocked at his lack of empathy. He waited too long to give the one woman I saw a tissue, and he was pretty tone deaf in his interviewing with her. This poor woman is sobbing in front of him, talking about all the trauma she has endured for likely the first time in her life, and he just kept asking blunt questions. The whole time I was pining behind my screen for him to correct her negative self talk or even say "you're not a bad person." Maybe even a hug, I don't know.
I know this is a common observation so I was wondering about everyone's opinion of Mark and his interviewing style. Thank you everyone for your time.
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2021.11.30 02:02 Hotpinkflamingoaz Review Letter

I received a letter from SS stating they needed to do a regular review and I have a phone interview scheduled. Okay cool. However under the What we need for the appointment section lists stuff I’ve never had. Pension records, pay stubs, tax records, unemployment, life insurance all from 2019 on. So what exactly are they looking for and if I have none of this now what?
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2021.11.30 02:02 Other-Scientist-4792 BitShiba Listing News and Certik Audit Update| Crypto Beginner| Burning ...

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2021.11.30 02:02 NextFuckingLvlSilver With "Omnicron" (moronic) they're cranking up the propaganda. Millions will wake up one day completely wiped out!! Stack hard for your life and loved ones!

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2021.11.30 02:01 Dullahen Who were your biggest childhood crushes?

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2021.11.30 02:01 Michaellauria96 Nascar thunder 2003

Does anyone have any good setups for career mode on this game I’m doing a run through and I’m quite stumped for setups in career mode
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2021.11.30 02:01 EugeneWong318 Led Tasshole.

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2021.11.30 02:01 Theotherwindlewondle Why are the ice cream machine always broken

Ive always been wondering why?
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2021.11.30 02:01 Yupyup_yall Making sense of Eli’s X-rays

Hey there, I asked for a vet consult to discuss X-rays my dog received of his back and pelvis. After the consult, I was left with more questions than answers on what could be causing his neurological symptoms. Before I go any further, here are my pups’ specs:
link to X-ray
Dog, ~7yrs, Altered, Pit mix, 70lbs, history of acute prostatitis and hind leg weakness, most recently he’s had more significant ataxia and weakness in hind legs since October 2021, Bay Area CA,
Based on the attached images, I saw some abnormal alignment in his lumbosacral area, it seems like his spinal chord is being pinched my a bone. I am not a vet, and I could only infer this after doing side by side comparisons of my dogs images with a healthy dog’s radiograph. When I mentioned this to my vet, she said that she can give me a referral to see a neurologist and prescribed gabapentin.
Are there answers that you all can gather from Eli’s radiographs?
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2021.11.30 02:01 Analmoose Verhulst's POV and Recap of Day 4 of ALGS

Awesome little mini-movie Verhulst just put out of his POV during the most recent drama-filled ALGS showdown. Also left a clue at the end of the video...
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2021.11.30 02:01 kneedeep229 Research Methods?

Has Adam Ever spoken about his research process? I know he's a former professor, but the quality of the sources he provides in his video (academic journals and monographs) are seriously difficult to access if you're not a faculty member or student at a university.
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2021.11.30 02:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: dim ond

dim ond translates to only
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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2021.11.30 02:01 Titanium120 What's your guys favorite cookie

I'm a real sucker for chocolate chip gotta be chewy though
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2021.11.30 02:01 DustinS85 Translate (Chinsese>English)?

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2021.11.30 02:01 SnoenySoaf 🃏💰CryptoGwent [Liq Lock][Renounced] PLAY-TO-EARN GAME IN THE WITCHER UNIVERSE💰🃏

Play your favourite card game and earn! Skill, not luck, is your greatest weapon. 💪 Pick a faction, build an army, and wage war against other players across multiple game modes. With hundreds of cards to collect, new strategies are always a thought away.
🃏 Each card is an NFT token (BEP-721) that can be bought or sold on a marketplace. Win rare cards, sell them for a higher price, or use them in the game to increase your chances of winning.
After $GWT sale events, the rarest cards will be put up for public sale to initial investors at fixed prices. All funds raised will be used to develop the game. Follow the news!
🤑 The internal currency of CryptoGwent is $GWT. For GWTs, you can buy new cards for your deck on our marketplace. Also, you can always exchange GWTs for ETH to get your profit.
💵Monetary unit for in-game operations.
Currency for purchases within our marketplace.
Playing Incentives: You will earn GWT regardless of whether you win or lose.🙀 If you win, you receive +1% to your winnings, and if you lose, you receive 0.5% of your losses.
🔥Burning: 0.1% will be burned from the amount of each win. The more players play Gwent, the faster the total supply of GWT decreases and its price rises.
Initial Supply: ONLY 100,000,000 $GWT
25% | Treasury Fund: 25,000,000 GWT
15% | Team: 15,000,000 GWT (linear vesting for 1 year)
7% | Initial Liquidity: 7,000,000 GWT
40% | IDO: 40,000,000 GWT (unlocked at listing)
13% | Playing Incentives: 13,000,000 GWT (incentives for 1 year)
Distribution of $GWT is planned for 1 year. Sales to take place on DxSale. 40% of the total supply to be sold to primary investors. Liquidity tokens will be locked for 2 years.
The funds raised from the IDO will be used for three purposes:
Development of the platform | Marketing | Initial liquidity
In case of win, follow instructions from the email
Contribute between 0.21BNB - 10BNB to be redeemed for GWT tokens
📌 40,000,000 GWT tokens will be distributed, at a price of 0,0000105 BNB/GWT. There is no lock up periods. Funds raised during the Whitelisted Round will be allocated to the Development Fund to ensure the success of the GWENT game and to bootstrap liquidity on Pancake Swap.
🚨The Public Sale Round is an FCFS sale to take place if GWT tokens will be left after the Whitelisted Round. Contribute between 0.21BNB - 10BNB. There is no lockup periods.
Contract: 0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x13116E8EF7850Fc16B075c8115f69257F885EEc9
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
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2021.11.30 02:01 neehnah Bug found in pozole

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2021.11.30 02:01 IdealPlenty 🔥🔥🔥DataDogs NFT Giveaway! Upvote this post and like our freshly minted NFTs to enter. ❤️Favoriting multiple DataDogs increases your chance to win (OpenSea link in comments)

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2021.11.30 02:01 sw4ggy69 “meet you halfway” by dyanne

this story is super cute, love the advanced directing and characters!! also it’s kinda underrated which is why i recommend it, if ur into the legally clueless, dare to dream, to the sound of rain vibe then i think this story will be pretty fitting :)
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2021.11.30 02:01 Nietona Another Multitroid Connection Question

Hi everyone, I've got a question about Multitroid connection problems.
My friend and I are trying to connect but aren't having any luck. We've been using Hamachi (we've used it for games in the past like Minecraft, Touhou: Hisoutensoku and even Hollow Knight's multiplayer mod) and when I set up the server, though I can connect to it just fine my friend can't. I had them set up the server instead, but neither I nor they can connect to it when they do it. We can connect, ping and message just fine on Hamachi, but Multitroid just won't connect.
Sorry for asking a question that is probably pushed a lot, but I've trawled through the previous times this has been asked and haven't been able to find any answers that we could pull off. Since we're using Hamachi and have connected before I assume we don't need to worry about port forwarding, and I also assume it's probably a problem with my friend's Multitroid or something. We've also been through and made sure both Hamachi and all our AM2R programs have been allowed through our firewalls, so it shouldn't be that.
Thanks for taking the time to read.
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2021.11.30 02:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: chỉ có

chỉ có translates to only
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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