Apartment lease mid jan to mid May

2021.11.30 02:51 SamuraiConductor Apartment lease mid jan to mid May

Hi I will an exchange student at ut Austin this spring semester and I wanted to inquire about the availability of apartments for lease during this period. I am male and I am sociable but I am not intrusive. My budget is capped at $700 so let me know if you know of an apartment or tenant who is looking for something like this.
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2021.11.30 02:51 Appetite4illusions Lost Live Zeppelin - Which Zeppelin concerts that we currently have no recordings of would you like to see uncovered?

My vote would go to Denver 1972. Another supposed 3 hour plus no holds barred Zep megathon rumoured to feature another early Ocean performance as well as alternative versions of Money and Louie Louie. This would hypothetically put it in the same vein as the 72 LA and Seattle shows, meaning it should be absolutely fucking incendiary if found.
I’d also love to see a complete recording of the second 72 Uniondale show emerge, also rumoured to be outrageously long in its complete form plus what we already have absolutely fucks.
Hopefully some day the phenomenal lads in the Dogs of Doom Discord can unearth these tapes and make these pipe dreams a reality.
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2021.11.30 02:51 ChrisRousseau Finding Dark Node historical payout per node.

Is there anywhere to view a history of what a dark node earned per epoch. Looking to find out how much each node earned over the last year. Where can I find this info? Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.30 02:51 greeyeysweetgoodbys (F 23) Columbian beach birthday day .... might post nsfw later

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2021.11.30 02:51 meepilymoops [FS] - Los Angeles (90025) - $150 - 10 gallon established planted/cherry shrimp tank

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2021.11.30 02:51 Hi_Chewx Missing Black Airpod Pro Case

Hi I lost an airpod pro charging case that is attached to a black case with a keychain near the physics building/ up the stairs on Bruinwalk. Could someone let me know if anyone found it.
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2021.11.30 02:51 RPSully Help with my business description.

Im trying to keep my business description as brief and clear as possible. I have taken the structure of stating the problem, how we fix the problem, and then stating the benefits. So far I have:
“PivotLocal helps businesses get more customers in their local area by providing software designed to make them more visible and competitive online. So you can spend less time worrying about finding new customers and more time growing your business.”
Just looking for advice on how this could be improved?
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2021.11.30 02:51 joked_fun_louts :Dumb question: Does anyone want to discuss a possible vinyl for money trade (specifically Cinematic, Sky Sailing, and The midsummer station)

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2021.11.30 02:51 TheMarvelFanatic3000 How good is the DCEU now in 2021?

Now that Christmas in approaching I’m planning on watching the entire DCEU (plus some other live action and animated films) as I’ve never seen them before. Now I’m obviously going to from my own opinion on it, but over the recent years I’ve seen lots of negativity directed towards the DCEU. So I’m curious what does this sub think of DCEU and it’s future, are the films great and totally worth watching now?
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2021.11.30 02:51 Versaceio510 Help Withdraw

Can someone here tell me how to withdraw with DESO on the diamond app im a little lost
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2021.11.30 02:51 Dani3l_San I won’t be the first or the last, but I HATE Charm so much 😄🤬

Like im not one of those people to beg and cry for the devs to nerf something (like return, or the rpg etc.) but like boost something else, make a new move or bring back old return to counter charm cuz that move is so annoyingly good and people are triple charming now 😤😑 haha
Yes I know use steels or charizard, but I don’t want to lol
Rant over lol
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2021.11.30 02:51 Deiioh Does anyone know what RPM range for each gear has the most power? 2018 Honda Civic SI

Title says it all however I was curious about the power band for each gear. When the turbo kicks in and most efficient RPM to shift at to maintain the fastest acceleration/power
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2021.11.30 02:51 SurelyAnxious Get vaccinated bröthers

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2021.11.30 02:51 Ill-Amphibian1081 I feel so relieved and idk why

I had a bruise on my leg for about a month and it wasn't healing. Whenever I asked my mom about it, she told me because it's not hurting its not serious. So, today she was going to the doctor for some issue she has and I asked if I could come along just to get my bruise checked out. She's very reluctant but she said okay. I came back to my room and cried happy tears and im not even sure why and I don't even know if this is the right sub but whatever I'm so happy!
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2021.11.30 02:51 richdanine Am I being crazy/controlling by wanting to know what my girlfriend is up to and how she is doing?

My(21M) girlfriend (19f) has some pretty bad impulse control and I am always worrying about her and if she is safe/ok. Am I being controlling by asking her where she is, who she is with, when I can next talk to her and shit like that. I've been in other long distance relationships but they usually go badly and one of the reasons I've gotten is that I am controlling. I really want this relationship to work out as she really makes me happier as a person. Any advice or insight helps.
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2021.11.30 02:51 Hokopoko42 Them strats tho

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2021.11.30 02:51 RapBladeMeDoIt How do I talk in Therapy

Hi! I’ve been in therapy for only two months and I love it but I recently have been paying attention to the way I talk and after my session today it gave me anxiety thinking about how much I just ramble and loosely connect my thoughts or sometimes I have a point I’m trying to make but it gets lost in my rambling and I hate it. I feel like a burden on my therapist because I ramble for the whole hour and always talk about negative stuff even when that’s not what I’m meaning to do.
Is there a proper etiquette to how I should talk? Or am I just overthinking this whole thing?
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2021.11.30 02:51 byzero35 Hayatınızı Kolaylaştıracak Android Wear OS Akıllı Saat Uygulamaları

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2021.11.30 02:51 somethingorother2828 Who can see proctored exam?

Can the teacher see it? Or who looks at the proctored videos? I don’t trust my teacher with me on video. Please help.
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2021.11.30 02:51 CheetahSperm18 Rei Ayanami [Evangelion]

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2021.11.30 02:51 dartsman Adult dodgeball league

Hey Victoria friends
I play in an adult dodgeball league, we have open drop ins coming up every Thursday in December. The gym is 675 jolly place, 7-9pm, first time is free, $7 per session after that. The league is called metroball, we are on Instagram youtube and Facebook.
It is a great way to meet people if you're new in town looking for something to do. Very friendly welcoming group. Provincial vaccine mandate is in effect, so bring your card and ID.
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2021.11.30 02:51 jookco Michael Wagner Death - Dead - Obituary News : We are saddened to hear of the passing of Michael Wagner, a long-time athlete & our 1989 Male Athlete of the Year. Click link to read full story.

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2021.11.30 02:51 Comprehensive-Ad3963 Should I take a course/bootcamp? Why/why not?

I am a software engineer with 10 years of experience in the field, including proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript. Thinking about getting into blockchain development, but there are just...SO...MANY...COURSES. So I thought I'd put it to a poll.
Which of these courses should I take and why?
View Poll
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2021.11.30 02:51 dyspraxicguy Working out can make us more productive

You guys should not sleep on working out. Its not as stupid as you think it is.
Working out gives us more structure. They help us understand the value of being consistent. You start to do things on time, follow your diet, like your body more.
To the depressed ones out there, working out makes a person happier and more fullfilled. So you should really give it a try.
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2021.11.30 02:51 Throwaway742617 Looking for some suggestions on additions to my hero pool as a mid player

Storm Spirit, Shadow Fiend, and TA are my three most played heroes. I prefer playing more farm oriented mid heroes, opposed to tempo controllers. I like the timings SS and TA have, and like SF's ability to farm his way back into the game no matter how behind. On top of his ability to consistently hit 100cs/10m. Other heroes in my pool are Sniper and Windranger. I'm looking to add on another hero or two. What are some other mid heroes that have similar playstyles?
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