If I get famous when I’m older and if I have a big following I want start a revolution in LA and make a New America.

2021.10.24 05:16 NismoPurpp If I get famous when I’m older and if I have a big following I want start a revolution in LA and make a New America.

A changed America. A better America. For the better treatment for the future oppressed. What do you guys think?
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2021.10.24 05:16 TurricanC64 Is this build any good for gaming?

I would normally build a PC, but finding a Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti or similar in the UK is impossible.
I’ve read on here that there are some companies to avoid for prebuilt PCs.
However I have found this which is hitting my maximum budget of £1300 but less would be better :), are any of these any good?
This looks nice
I’m based in the UK
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2021.10.24 05:16 rebellionjan ANIMES MEMES--> V10 IS UP!!

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2021.10.24 05:16 AdministrativeAd7828 I like my best friend more than a friend.

I like her so much it drives me crazy what do I do. I’m scared that when Ieave for school she’s gonna find someone but if it happens it does I just don’t know how I’m gonna react
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2021.10.24 05:16 cofkaedelweiss I don't know what to do about my family

I'm a 20-year old female living with my parents who are both around their mid fourties. I, for 10 years have become increasingly annoyed and irritated by the things my parents do and say.
My dad is extremely loud no matter the task -- he could be knitting and make it a competition with himself of who can be loudest. I am often times baffled and partially disgusted by the way he talks about people; wishing death upon someone; hoping someone crashes their car; saying someone with a particular opinion should kill themselves, and he means it. I am fine with joking in regards to these things but he genuinely means it. He always has to be the smartest person in the world. If you criticise or ask him very kindly not to do something, he automatically becomes very defensive and often times hurtful and hateful. He has very rarely tries to take interest in anything I like but insists that if I don't take interest in what he likes than I am being a 'dismissive frick (but he didn't say frick.') A lot of times he just seems to lack empathy and it's worrying. I love my father. He has tons of good qualities but a lot of them are outshadowed by this constant angry cloud over his head. I feel like if I were genuinely in trouble but he couldn't empathise with it, then he wouldn't care in the slightest.
Both my parents will define me by my generation no matter how positive or negative (mostly negative) even if it doesn't apply to me at all. (I do think beans are kinda funny. Wacky lookin doods -- and they're yummy.)
My mom -- she is great a lot of times. But, she flips out at the drop of a hat and a lot of times its directly targeted at me even if I had nothing to do with it. I'm constantly being accused of misplacing items I wasn't even aware existed in the first place or have nothing to do with. Everything in the house is my fault when she's in the right mood and nowadays my dad will defend me but in loud unecessary ways that I have begged him to stop doing; it just makes it worse despite how I know he's trying to help -- I suppose. But, according to my mother he's only whiteknighting for me even when she's forced my back against a wall. I have always been the scapegoat child (my sister wasn't necessarily a golden child though -- she's recently moved for a lot of same reasons but she wasn't targeted nearly as much) and I suffered as a kid as a result of it. It made me a very mean and hateful person that I luckily grew exponentially far from. I get along with my mom for the most part, but it's the constant criticism and snide comments that really cut me deep. If my mom has an opinion, no matter how misguided or hurtful, she will say it. She will apologise but everyone comes with a caveat.
Deep in my heart I have ways felt like a burden upon my family. I have always felt incredibly out of place. At a fundamental level, despite confiding in them, I don't trust them. I have a really hard time forming relationships with people now and get extremely anxious at the idea of dating and being close enough with someone to trust my life in them -- to be intimate -- whatever. I can't blame my parents solely on this what so ever but my upbringing has effected me a lot. (Probably cause I live here lol.)
In 6 months I'll be going on holiday but then leaving within the next month for navy training and then will subsequently moving away from my hometown and state. So, about 9 months to a year until I can achieve independence. I know things will get better. I've spoken with my aunt, uncle, cousins (who I am closer with than anyone in the world) and they've all agreed that while I've been given a rough hand, should have no troubles making a excellent life for myself. I recently came back from my grandmother's flat for a long visit (where I also met up with the rest of my family that I'm close to on my dad's side) and I just recall feeling utter dread with returning home. I went from being in a calm supportive environment to quiet chaos and negativity -- they didn't even need to say anything, I just felt it.
I don't want to go no contact with my parents -- I don't know if it's the fact I live with them that makes it so difficult but I don't know that I can handle it much longer with how anxious and upsetting loving here is. I love my parents and it makes me deeply sad that I feel so frustrated. I know they do love me and I know it makes them upset to see me push away.
My cousin told me ultimately they did it to themselves and I shouldn't feel guilty but I am wracked with fear and guilt knowing the thought might cross their minds that they tried their best and wasted 20 years of their life only for their child to primarily disappear from their lives. I'm practically sobbing writing this because I don't want to hurt them and the idea of it terrifies me on a profound level.
It isn't all negative -- I do enjoy spending time with them but it's like something crosses the train track and dislodges it -- only it's builds.
What do I do at this point if there is anything to be done? Am I on the right track??
After a lot of thinking I've realised that for all their good qualities, my parents are toxic to me and I don't know how to balance my mental health and salvaging my relationship with them.
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2021.10.24 05:16 comradeceratops96 When I try to explain to my FP how clingy I actually am :)))

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2021.10.24 05:16 ThatDrako "In case you haven't noticed, you've fallen right into my TRAP."

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2021.10.24 05:16 Albuyeh Win A 4k Webcam, Studio Light Kit & More {WW, limited} (11/1/2021)

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2021.10.24 05:16 RLCD-Bot [Grey Fennec] [Grey Fennec: Yorebands] [Season 1 - Platinum] [Sky Blue Diecast Spark] [Sky Blue Carbon]

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2021.10.24 05:16 Maowser515 A blurry picture of a cat

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2021.10.24 05:16 Best_Application452 Sketching cars, work in progress

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2021.10.24 05:16 UsedDonkey3518 Tried some amateur topiary~ (am I using this right?? Or getting carried away with how fancy I feel ☺️)

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2021.10.24 05:16 falcompro Abode pro monitoring with third party cameras ?

I already have security cameras setup, if I purchase into abode with pro monitoring, can the monitoring Center use my existing cameras for visual verification before calling the police ? Or is that only possible with their cameras ?
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2021.10.24 05:16 TaylorSwiftIsSexy New Video Reviewing Equinonhotels Go Check It Out.

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2021.10.24 05:16 NotRsenicDrinker Its not that red is sus, but

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2021.10.24 05:16 el3rod سعرالذهب اليوم فى قطر 24-10-2021 #اسعار_الذهب_فى_قطر_اليوم #العروض #el3rod #تخفيضات #خصومات #تسوق #عروض #تخفيض #خصم #عرض #اخر_عروض_قطر #عروض_قطر #قطر

سعرالذهب اليوم فى قطر 24-10-2021 #اسعار_الذهب_فى_قطر_اليوم #العروض #el3rod #تخفيضات #خصومات #تسوق #عروض #تخفيض #خصم #عرض #اخر_عروض_قطر #عروض_قطر #قطر submitted by el3rod to el3ord_Qatar [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 05:16 Bbbutterccoconut Streaming DBD

Know any alternative to apowermirror for streaming?
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2021.10.24 05:16 Scottie_15 "What an effort by the Dodgers!"

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2021.10.24 05:16 Tecrys I went to a party and got drunk

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2021.10.24 05:16 ChalmersteamhamJudge MONKE

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2021.10.24 05:16 Mizouto86 Schneekanonen ballern statt Welt retten, Hauptsache das Geld fließt

Alpen: Schneekanonen laufen schon - via RegenRadar https://wetteronline.de/wetterticke1WJc8qtrSzNHiwVcvIAmFj
Wir reden über den Klimawandel und was wir tun müssen, dass unsere Welt bewohnbar bleibt und trotzdem muss der Rubel mit Tourismus wohl rollen.
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2021.10.24 05:16 -DeputyKovacs- This kid for president 2050 (he'll be 35 that year)

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2021.10.24 05:16 RinaChoice LOW IMPACT HIIT for beginners who want to get fit at home | no repeat & no equipment

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2021.10.24 05:16 OverWafer Aight fuck all of these i got a gf posts or i got a bf posts i got a transgender bf so i got the best of both worlds lets go

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2021.10.24 05:16 changamire-dombo Autumn night at Oldenburg harbour/Hafen Oldenburg 🙂

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