How many people with Tzimisce blood out there?

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2021.10.24 07:20 Digomr How many people with Tzimisce blood out there?

I don't need precise numbers, just an estimative of how many Kindred and ghouls have at least traces of blood from any Tzimisce.
Like, being one of the 13 clans, something less than 1/13 vampires.
But, since the Tremere were made of Tzi blood, maybe less than 2/13 ~ 1/7 vampires out there.
But Tremere and Tzimisce never were one of the big clans in number of members, right?
However, since Sabbat is the second largest sect and they have the practice of sharing blood at least weekly...
(We can add around 1/3 of Gargoyles, the majority of Revenants families, some ghouls, some Kindred who have diablerized a Tzimisce, maybe the Blood Brothers as well...).
Can I say about 1/5 of Cainites, or it's a long shot?
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2021.10.24 07:20 kevinhallkh510 26 [M4F] #Castro Valley Male Virgin Seeking Female Relationship

I'm 26 and haven't been in a relationship or slept with anyone. I'm looking for a women who is open and understanding and looking for a long term relationship as well. I love getting to know new people and having long conversations as well.
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2021.10.24 07:20 Icee303 🌳

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2021.10.24 07:20 reddit887799 Maula and Badruddin ( #4 ).

Maula and Badruddin ( #4 ).
Maula : Badruddin suno.
Maula : Me thinking.
Badruddin : ji maula hukum.
Maula : mein mumineen no bawa chu.
Badruddin : Shafiq bawa.
Maula : Ha Ha yej , mein mumineen no shafiq bawa chu. So me thinking ke mara bachao ni health vaaste kai karu.
Badruddin : wah maula. Aap roohani cho. Aap imamuz Zaman na sachha aashiq cho. Aap mumin ni kitlu fikar rakho cho. Maula , Maal karjo but can I give few suggestion.
Maula : hmm
Maula we can start with first limiti our sitting time to max 15 to 30 min max. As jem apne bese che for hours it just destroys our knees. That’s why mumin in the middle age of 50 have knee issues and it impacts their well day to day well being.
And Maula just ban this “ car na pachal bhagvu “ ritual for didar . Just outright ban it maula plz. And also prohibit masum children and their mothers standing under scorching sun for a jhalak of their dai. It many a times causes severe dehydration and makes them sick from the heat. This will also save them from unnecessary city pollution.
Aaa…. I am so excited maula. I have few more suggestion. Agar aap Raza aapo toh aa as a gulam aji kai….
Maula : hmm
Badruddin : Maula Ghana mumineeen na Ghare water purifier nathi , vaazarat si we can provide them with RO , at low or free of cost.
And and Maula , aa thoru mushkil thase …. Oh Maaf karjo , aap toh aa jag na maula cho , nothing is impossible for you maual , we can cover / pay for medical bills of low income mumineen and even extend this benefit to all mumineeen. Cause if “ dunyai “ company like icici can do that then with the amount of cash reserve that dawat has it will be like chump change for us maula. Because Maula a mumin will feel much less stressed knowing that if any health emergency arise they don’t have to worry.
And Maula we can also provide for a free medical check up. I know that many jamaat arrange that insufficient and honestly speaking skimpy blood pressure and sugar test which in no way is a full indicator of ones health. We should provide for the proper medical health check up like blood test for vitamin deficiencies and cholesterol lever and so on. Oh I am so excited maula. Finally we can do some real good work for mumineen.
Maula : aji kai.
Badruddin : umm… aaa… Ha Maula. Kem ke dawat health na department ma mumineen ne madad karva mange che , how about 100 % waving of medical bills on medical emergencies like serous operation or cancer treatment for mumineen below a certain level of income.
Wow muala , mein ekdum excited chu. Su karu kai samajh nai aautu. This will be such a huge announcement. Mumineen will go super “maula maula Mufaddal maula “ about this. People of other religion , when they will hear about this… there respect for bohra leader , you muala , will increase a thousand fold. Oh Su karu. Ka jau. Kene aa khushkhabri sunau.
Maula : Hmm… acchu kidu tame. But let me think On it.
Badruddin : Maula, mara aqa , 100 jaano si aula. Mane khabar che ke agar aap ye thani lidu che ke mumin ni health waste kai karvu che then aap toh aji gazab karso. My above suggestions are miniscule and easy as I know maula you will provide so much more to mumineen.
Oof… Su karu. This is so big. Ka jau. Kene kau…. By the way Maula , Maaf karjo , lekin aap kevare announce karso this mumineen health related mega benefits.
Muala : on Burhanuddin muala urus Mubarak event. Inshallah.
Badruddin : oh maula. I am so excited. Jaldi aave oh divas. Su karu. Ka jau. Kene kau.
21st October , 16 Rabiʻ I, 1443 AH. Burhanuddin maula urus day.
Maula : Walk for 40 minutes.
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2021.10.24 07:20 Stupid15yoSlut ok heres my earring idea, shittily drawn

coulda done it better but im too tired and stoned
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2021.10.24 07:20 Longjumping-Ice-4513 I (19M) feel like my GF (19F) is emotionally cheating on me, can someone please give me advice.

Hi everyone, I'm really looking for advice and another opinion on this because I feel like I have no one to talk to and I'm losing my mind over this, I'll try to keep it fairly short and like I said, I'm just trying to get another persons view on this before I end it, I really don't want to though.
So we have been together for 1.5 years now, the first few months were really good but I did notice she has an attention issue, she always seeked it over social media, then at one stage she posted some very revealing videos and it really did make me uncomfortable, like I'm not really insecure of a person but these would make anyone feel that slightly, so I explained my feeling about it and we had a talk and she seemed to tone all of that down, she didn't post such revealing things and she actually respected my feeling.
Fast forward to now, I found some random app which was downloaded on my phone from 2 years ago, I went on it and out of curiosity searched her name, now this app lets you talk with others and live stream, I found that she had a profile and on there she had her bio set to, "we less serious here" and her pictures were of her ass in the mirror, her facing the mirror wearing panties and she put a censored emoji over her private parts, all the of the other pictures were of her face.
Now these are picture she hasn't even sent to me, so in my head im think she is literally 1. hiding this shit from me on some random app. 2. didn't even send me these, instead posted them elsewhere for other people to see. 3. this app lets you live stream, im guessing she does it for attention.
I don't even know where to go from here, I don't know if I'm a complete insecure fuck and im overthinking this or this is a real issue.
Like how do I even talk with her about this? She doesn't know I'm on that app.
Please advice me, finding this makes me feel really down and I dont know how to proceed.
I think its the two pictures showing her ass and everything that mess with my head, like why would she post that for others?
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2021.10.24 07:20 mjprice83 DHS pays $460,000 to build ‘border wall’ around Biden’s Delaware beach house

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2021.10.24 07:20 MonkeyWithAGun42 Is this hand worth saving or should I scrap it and try all over again?

Hey all, having trouble making my hand look "normal":
I'm just trying to make the hand proportionally realistic, it doesn't have to have the correct knuckles and fingernails and all that. Right now I'm dealing with the odd little creases in the finger webs, the thumb, index, and middle finger. Pinky and ring finger don't want to play along. I'm using the vertex + Skin modifier method as seen here:
So far I've tried:
-Adding more loop cuts and toying with it, the creases only seem to go away once I make the hand look like, well, not a hand. -sculpting it smooth -dragging vertices with proportional editing
I'm trying to go for the "corporate blob" style of proportions as seen in the full body image here,
so detail isn't really an issue, it just needs to be smooth and make sense.
Any person that helps with this will get a photo of him giving you a thumbs up, thanks for looking!
Misc settings:
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2021.10.24 07:20 Razor_YT3 Happy Birthday, Pewds... (Pls Don't Remove This, Mods... This Is Just a Note)

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2021.10.24 07:20 Formal_Sun6550 Max Jerath - Collision Theory [ALBUM]

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2021.10.24 07:20 Severe_Repeat_7719 I guess she's trying something new...drop if u get the new

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2021.10.24 07:20 notsexmaster The fuck the dog wants?? She just look at me and wags her tail and im confused af

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2021.10.24 07:20 mdawgz09 I hope this is okay to post here

Hi! I’m doing this fun thing for uni about queerness and I thought it be interesting to know who everyone’s first queer crush was.
I’ve made this forms thing and I even included mine there as well. It’s in short answer form so you can write anyone.
Please don’t answer here as I’m only including answers written in the forms (form). Also please refrain from sending in more than one answer but if you must, please only do one person per submission.
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2021.10.24 07:20 PresentationSolid375 Taiwan is a ________

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2021.10.24 07:20 Swiss666 Rockin' Nun [Pusshuwa]

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2021.10.24 07:20 spurdo1337 Disable Internet over Bluetooth?

Dear all
Please correct me, if i got my assumptions wrong, but it looks like the galaxy watch 4 can access the internet over bluetooth, over Wifi and over LTE (certain models). Is there a way to set a "preferred" internet access method and/or disable internet over bluetooth? Maybe even on a per-app-basis?
My watch and my smartphone are in different Wifis with different network policies.
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2021.10.24 07:20 AeroQC [Xbox] 50th Anniversary Bone Shaker Replica - Used Bone Shaker Unleashed For Extra Authenticity

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2021.10.24 07:20 Amity827 The come up: toe the line

The quest is telling me to prove to be a starter and it’s time for my next nba game. I’m a starter and have played a good 6 six games with A teammate grade, anyone know how many games you need to play or is my shit still glitches after 6 weeks?
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2021.10.24 07:20 JonOfNoTrades Wolverine could never get a vasectomy.

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2021.10.24 07:20 Hopeful-Wing-7078 #BREAKING Ethiopia launches air strike on Tigray's 'western front' AFP

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2021.10.24 07:20 wolfbankz 👨‍🍳👨‍🍳. Opinion ?

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